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K & M is continually looking to identify new ideas that can we can transform into commercially successful products. 

We work with customers, industry experts and other inventors to identify ideas to potentially pursue.  We then follow our proven evaluation and execution approach to determine which products to pursue. <Learn more about our processes>

K & M currently holds multiple US and international legal productions for our products.  Additionally, we have licensed legal protections from inventors and have subsequently brought those products to market.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Identify products with significant market potential
  2. Quickly gain meaningful market feedback
  3. Aggressively source products from best suppliers worldwide
  4. Build worldwide sales through targeted efforts

Our Process:

Our process enables multiple benefits for our company:
  • Ensures rapid progression toward product launch
  • Delivers meaningful insights to support decision making
  • Minimizes inherent financial risk
  • Focuses on key assessment criteria
  • Both leverages and builds upon early findings

Evaluation Process:

Our evaluation process consists of four unique phases that enable a comprehensive evaluation of the critical aspects of a new product.  These phases include:

  • Initial Viability - Evaluation of four critical dimensions for new products
  • Revenue Potential - Evaluation of the size of the opportunity
  • Profit Potential - Evaluation of the potential for ongoing profitability
  • Market Response - Evaluation of key market performance indicators
Execution Process:

Our execution process consists of four "work streams".  Each work stream has multiple activities that support both the evaluation process and drive toward product launch.  The work streams include:

  • Protect the Product - This includes ensuring that appropriate legal protections are established (or at a minimum filed for) for products prior to market launch.
  • Develop the Product - This process focuses on delivering an economical product that enables us to understand consumer reaction to the core benefits of our idea.
  • Establish Production - Identifies potential suppliers and establishes an understanding of the costs of producing the product.
  • Marketing and Sales - Initially develops critical market feedback then drives revenue for the business.

Our History

One day while painting multiple shelves, Mike Bucci devised a “better way” to paint using the Painter’s Pyramid®. About one year later, The Painter’s Pyramid was officially launched at the National Hardware Show® in Orlando, Florida on May 8, 2007 for the do-it-yourself market.

Since that time, over five million Painter's Pyramids have sold as the product’s versatility appeals to many across various professions and hobbies. Painter’s Pyramids are now carried by Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and dozens of other DIY and Crafts retailers.

Through many conversations, our customers expressed a desire to expand the functionality of the Painter's Pyramid.  Through focus groups and a refined development process, we conceived and created two more innovative products: Finishing Turntable™ and Craft-N-Spin™ [both now discontinued in favor of the much improved VersaSpin 360; see below].

The success of these products was nearly immediate: The Craft-N-Spin won “Best New Product” at the Winter 2010 Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow and a ‘Tested & Recommended’ seal from the Creative Home Arts Club. The Finishing Turntable has also achieved accolades, having received both the Woodworker and Member ‘Tested and Recommended’ seals from the Handyman Club of America.

In late 2010, we introduced the next generation turntable, VersaSpin 360™, which takes the best aspects of the Finishing Turntable and Craft-N-Spin and provides even more support options at a lower price. Now, you can choose between low-touch, elevated support with Painter's Pyramids®, or a secure, non-slip surface with the introduction of our neoprene-like Grabbers™. The VersaSpin 360 is a Project Support System, in which even the accessories can be used separately to support nearly any size project. The VersaSpin 360 is also available in two sizes,  11" and 16".

And more exciting new K & M products are on the way!

Experience & Expertise

The founder and owner of K & M of VA, Inc., Mike Bucci, has a business and engineering background that enabled him to successfully engage technical, business and legal experts to bring products to market. More importantly, his extensive experience with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit has driven K & M of VA, Inc. to domestic and international success.

K & M of VA, Inc. has developed a strong network of partners and significant experience in:

• Product Development & Engineering
• Intellectual Property Protection
• International Sourcing
• Inbound and Outbound Logistics
• International Marketing and Sales

Our Products

K & M has identified, developed and launched three award winning products: Painter's Pyramid, Finishing Turntable and Craft-N-Spin. Additionally, we have launched our fourth product, Slide-N-Pump, which has received tremendous positive market feedback.

What's Next for Us

K & M is continually identifying new and improved products to bring to market. At any given time, we have dozens of products that are being evaluated and several new or improved products being developed or launched.


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